Carl Ruiterman

Carl’s affair with motorsport started with a passion for motocross. During this period he had a nasty fall and broke his elbow. To most, this would be a setback, but while it was healing, Carl decided to modify and tune a Nissan Skyline specifically for drag racing.

2005 /2006 saw him take out the C2 class of the Night Speed Wars. Looking for more, Carl decided to try and drift his Skyline. Once he got the hang of drifting, he went on to complete the grand slam of NZ drift titles in 2007, being crowned the “Drift King”.

These days you can find Carl in the dirt, cleaning up the competition in his E&H built Yamaha YZ1000 at the off road nationals. Carl is currently the NZ Enduro Champion.

Hans Ruiterman

Hans’ trademark is his car. If you follow TimeattackR or drifting you’ll know exactly what we mean. It’s a Nissan Sylvia like no other, capable of running 528Kw at 30 psi boost and cornering like a dream.

Hans keeps himself busy by running E&H Motors alongside his brother Carl and has entered the 2018-2019 NZ Superlap series.

E&H Motors

E & H was started by the Hans & Carl’s father back in 1972. In 2004 the brothers bought it from their dad, and the rest is history.

E&H do all your normal services that garages usually do: WOF’s, services etc. but what really makes them stand out from the crowd is their specialty, tuning and modifications. If you want your car to be something special or just to get it running that little bit smoother & faster, they’re the place to call.

Motul are proud to have the E&H family displaying the Motul badge. They represent  motorsport racing across the board, and we believe our oils can take them even further.