The growth in the automatic gearbox market is going to become more and more consistent in the years to come, forecasts have projected that the automatic transmission market size will grow at an encouraging rate of 5,95% by 2019. To respond to this trend, Motul has implemented an unique and innovative transmission maintenance project, MotulEvo, dedicated to the retailers, mechanics and workshops, who want to seize this opportunity to increase their business and perform the work professionally. 


A flush machine which can be used for oil changes. It’s compact, reliable and fully automatic. It can be used for every type of automatic transmission.

The new flush machine has been developed thanks to Motul technicians’ experience on the field. It’s compact, reliable and fully automatic to allow working on every kind of automatic transmission. It has two electronic scales, an oil filter with magnet and a printer.


With more than 160 years experience in automotive lubricants field, Motul has developed a complete range of ATF that covers the majority of automatic transmissions


MotulEvo project provides three steps of training to introduce the customers in the automatic transmission world and to increase their competence.